Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Well that didn't help

Thought there might be a slim chance that exercising would help, but no. I just ended up bursting in to tears afterwards.
I feel like such a selfish drama queen. So many women have to go through this with multiple women they're close to, and here I am, breaking down over ONE.

I really hope DH won't make a big deal when I tell him I'm not going to go out to eat with his family for a while.

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Kerrik said...

Don't say that girlie. You aren't selfish, you are just dealing with this news, and your miscarriage and everything else that has happened. You take whatever time you need.

I tried to work out yesterday to get myself out of my own funk, and wound up almost having a breakdown because some girl was on my favorite machine (talk about feeling like a selfish drama queen - or maybe a 2 year old). I did the bicycle for 20 minutes, glaring at her the whole time, and then I cried all the way through my shower.