Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A new day....

...and I still feel like crap.
Cried myself to sleep last night, and of course I had a dream about all of this crap this morning. Awesome brain.........
The dream.... Myself, DH, His sister, her husband and MiL were all sitting with eachother trying to figure out when her due date was. Since she's irregular and she wasn't sure when she even had her last AF, she had no idea. SO I start barking out dates and she keeps saying that I'm wrong (even though I'm not).
Cut to another scene and we're helping them get crib parts in to their home b/c they're already starting to set stuff up for a nursery. She still had just found out about being pregnant, but she looked like she was probably 5-6months along already.

Seriously brain..... I know it's on my mind and all, but ya couldn't just NOT dream this one damn time?

Getting a headache from all of the crying I've been doing. This is going to sound so dramatic and cheesy, but it feels like my soul is broken.
I guess the only good thing that will come of this is that I'll probably lose more weight now b/c I have almost no appetite.

Thank you everyone for the support. It's so greatly appreciated and I dunno where I would be without it.