Saturday, February 26, 2011


Yes, I'm talking about it.
We got our drink on last night and tried out some of the toys we bought.
C-rings... not for us. The vibration from them makes his whole willy vibrate, but honestly, it doesn't do anything for me.
We also tried out the little free gift ones... once again... nothing for me. Even right on the sensitive areas, it wasn't doing anything.

We also watched the porn. It was just meh. I guess typical general sex porn that actually got pretty boring after a while. We'd lose interest quickly in it, start doing our own thing... look up, see some other people having sex, and just ignored it most of the night.

We also tried the different lubes we purchased. I tried out some of the mint flavored Good Head gel on him. The flavor of it is good, but the consistancy of the stuff is a bit goopy and thick so that didn't really help with anything honestly.
The warming gel. I couldn't feel it but DH said he could. So meh for that.
And the regular lube did it's job. The strawberry smell from both the warming gel and the regular one was nice.
And finally, we tried the Not Yet stuff. It comes in SUCH a teeny tiny little tube, but you only need a little bit of it. And yep, it works... at least for a little while it does. Apply it to him and wait 10mins. We waited about 20 just to be sure. It def worked, but I think as things kept getting erm.... wetter down there, it rubs the stuff off of him or it just wears off. Either way it still lasted a pretty long time.

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