Sunday, February 20, 2011

On a good note...

AF is gone. Was basically gone yesterday. Just a barely there tint on the tp first thing in the morning and that was it. So YAY!
You know what that means..... bow chica bow bow....
Well yeah.... that didn't really go as well as I was hoping it would. I drank WAY too much and last night is a haze. I do remember throwing up my chinese food dinner though..... BLEH.
I'm slightly hung over, but I woke up around 3am and took some ibuprofin and an antacid. Probably not a good combo, but it worked.
It's all good though. Just have to remember for next time not to drink so damn much lol.


One Cycle at a Time said...

Sometimes you just have to kick up your heels... even if u do end up losing your dinner later... :-) Glad ya'll had a good time.

Anonymous said...

Ok say this out loud: Brown chicken brown cow! You will get it when you say it lol!

I have been avoiding getting too drunk because it usually doesn't end well so I am slowly learning my limits. Let's see the last time I drank any alcohol was during the super bowl and that was only one mixed drink. But hey gotta learn somehow!

LisaL said...

Lol, I'm usually pretty good w/ how much alcohol to drink without getting pass out drunk. BUt last night.... I guess I just forgot it all. Helps that the alcohol didn't really hit me at first so I kept drinking.
I'll know better next time.

Lol, I was actually going to type out brown chicken brown cow lol.