Friday, February 25, 2011

WI, Measurements, my depression......

I'll start off with the weighin and measurements.

Weight this morning was 212.8. I think it's actually a little less than that b/c I hadn't done a #2 yet, but that would only take off a fraction of a pound anyway so not even going to worry about it.

Bust- 42.25
Underbust- 38.25
Above bellybutton stomach- 40
Waist- 39
Pooch- 44
Hips- 44
Right upper thigh- 26.25
Left Upper thigh- 26
Right upper arm- 16.75
Left Upper arm- 16.75

Some of the measurements are down, some are up.
It's difficult measuring in the same spot unless it's something like my waist which is obvious (and that measurement was down by .5 inches woot). So I know some of these aren't accurate.

I just basically started exercising anyway so I shouldn't expect too much yet. Hopefully next week's WI and measurements will show some significant improvement.

Still feeling bummed out about last night. I know I'm going to have many days like that too which sucks. Really going to have to have a talk with DH and ask him when he wants to try again with injections. I know he wants to focus on losing weight, but I don't want to wait the months, hell, even years it's going to take me to get to a normal weight. And I just need to have a time line. I want to try again in April. Hopefully he'll agree. In the meantime I'll keep up with the exercising.

I guess my body just needed an extra long warmup period b/c I'm feeling fine today body-wise after the good workout yesterday.
My back was a bit sore and achy last night but that seems to have cleared up thankfully as well.


Anonymous said...

I was in your same boat not so long ago and wanted everything now. I don't know if weightloss will help your fertility problems, but I do know it helps with the "depression". I cried everytime a friend of ours got pregnant and wonder why them and not me. Once I started making weight loss my top priority, getting pregnant took a backseat. It may just be moving one obsession to the next, but working out/eating right didn't put me into a bad mood. I was happy with life again and where DH and I were. It took the burden that I was carrying off of my shoulders and let me finally let it go.

I know you will get your take home baby soon! *BABY DUST TO YOU*

LisaL said...

Thanks Shari. Your own story w/ your weight loss and your BFP along with everyone else that has gone through something similiar really inspires me to continue on.
I have no idea if losing any weight will help at all (it hasn't so far), but I'm hoping. At the very least, will help me respond better to fert meds.

Anita said...

I had a similar experience. My thyroid disease causes depression, anxiety and even causing homicidal thoughts, it scares the hell out of me. I am currently taking bovine for my thyroid and looking forward for positive results.