Friday, February 11, 2011

5 times!

I had blood drawn today to check my thyroid and had to get stuck FIVE times!!!
I know I have tiny veins but damn. Seriously?? It's a good thing I'm not terrified of needles, but that still sucked.

I hate going in to my OBGYNs office though. Nothing but pregnant women including the staff. The lab tech that finally got it looked to be about 5months along. NM the 3 or 4 women that came in w/ their huge baby bumps. Awesome, because I always need reminders that I'm still childless and can't seem to stay pregnant. :\

And I hate the Callie pregnant storyline on Grey's Anatomy. Just there to remind me that "Hey! You can't get pregnant like she did!" And her whole coffee crap last night. What a load. I know it's not bad to have a cup or 2 of coffee when pregnant, but to jones for it like she did. I get that it's comic relief but I just found it extremely irritating and I wanted someone to just smack her after her whole, baby vote, vagina vote stupid ass speech.

I so want to stop these damn suppositories. They are definitely preventing the m/c from starting. Put in my one this morning, and the applicator had fresh red blood on it, and now, back to just there when I use the bathroom.
This can't be a good thing can it? To hold it in like this?

Exercise today will either be late, or not at all. I am SO frickin tired right now. I didn't sleep well at all. May take a nap and if I feel better, I'll exercise later this afternoon.


ousoonerchick said...

Have you ever tried to quit caffeine? It's hard...just like she acted, thats how it is. You just crave it!

LisaL said...

I gave up caffeine years ago actually. I still don't see caffeine as a big deal.
I get the craving... I quit smoking years ago as well... so yeah, I get the cravings.
But for caffeine? Really??? I just don't understand why people get so addicted to it b/c I rarely felt any affects of caffeine. It never woke me up more or gave me more energy.
SO yeah, I get the cravings for it, but I still found the characters over reactions absolutely irritating.