Monday, February 21, 2011

Bruised ass!

I was planning on doing P90 sweat and sculpt again today, but I just did the sweat instead. The bruise on my ass is really bothering me. Plus apparently, my hip area is sore as well. I know I wouldn't have been able to do any of the lunges or squats in the sculpt part so just decided to skip it.
That's ok though. I'm happy that I got in the sweat at least. Not a fantastic workout, but it was better than nothing.
Weighed myself before working out and came in at 212. So down a pound hopefully. I'll do an official WI on Friday along with taking measurements again.

I noticed this morning that my fingers are looking a lot thinner and it made me angry at my body even more lol. Really body?? Out of ALL the areas you could noticeably lose weight... and you picked my fingers??? I know it's silly, but damnit! I don't care if I have chubby fingers... lose from somewhere else! Stomach or face would be nice....


LisaB said...

Good job! That's odd about the fingers! Hopefully you'll see some more progress soon.

Kerrik said...

Don't worry about the fingers, that just means your whole body is losing weight but you are only noticing it there because you stare at them regularly and probably because they are bonier so it is more obvious.
I noticed this also when I first lost weight. In fact, other usual spots to first see weight loss (for me at least) - jaw line/cheek bones (I have very sharp, protruding ones), clavicle/chest area (mine are disproportionately bony compared to the rest of me), breasts (this one really sucked and didn't seem fair at all), feet, hands and knees. This doesn't mean it isn't also coming off the tummy and thighs, it just isn't as obvious without one of those fat measuring tools. ;)