Thursday, February 24, 2011

See... this is what happens...

...when you don't have sex for almost a month! You get all horny and start thinking up a WHOLE mess of ways you're gonna get down and dirty and start wondering about toys and such.
Got our other goodies today in the mail. And yes, I'm about to post about them. So if you don't care to read on about sexual things then skip over this :)

First up

I'll start with the free gift first. It's a different mini little vibrator than the other one. It's the Mini Baseball Bat Bullet.
It's so cute. Looks like a little exclamation point.

Next up we have
Not Yet gel for men. It's exactly what it sounds like
It desensitizes a man

Lemme say, DH has NO problems in this department. We both thought this might be fun to use every once in a while for extra long romps.

The C-Rings. C standing for well.... a male chicken.....
DH picked both of these out. I think they look interesting, but I dunno, the idea seems painful. If ya don't know what they're intended for.. well.. google it :P lol
First one is the Boss C--k
Very unassuming little thing. It stretches out quite a bit so I guess it won't be painful afterall. It has a small little vibrator and yeah, that seems like it works very well. Feels a lot stronger than the bullet and that other free gift vibe that we got.

Next C-Ring is called the Smokey Elephant. BLEH. As I said before, I dunno why they use animals in sex toys.
It has an elephant's head and trunk on it. I get the symbolism obviously, but still.. BLEH. And this one is HUGE. It also has a ring for uhm... the other part for him down there. Now I was def afraid this was going to be painful, but it's a pretty large ring for uhm.. the berries.
Vibe on this was is ok. About as strong as the bullet. It doesn't have a nice on off button though. Just screw the cap on tighter to start it up and unscrew it to make it stop. Plus it takes 3 batteries while the other one only took 1 tiny one.
He wanted it though, so whatever

And finally

Yep, we bought our first ever porn together. Awwwww, so classy!
Neither of us are really porn watchers. We've watched some together before, but it was more of a joking around thing then. Like a "Hey look at this! *laughs*" sort of thing.
I've been telling DH maybe we should start getting some so.. yeah, in our drunken sex starved minds.. we thought it was as good a time as any hehe. There are some other parody ones I wouldn't mind getting if this one is ok. And who knew porn DVDs cost so damn much??? Frickin insane some of the prices!

So yeah, there's another look in to what we'll be experimenting with this weekend. Are ya traumatized yet? hehe


socialite_baby said...

Haha! You naughty girl! Lucky DH though! ;)

I love the vibrating rings! They end up desensitizing me after awhile though! I've never been able to get into porn... I just feel awkward like I shouldn't be watching it because the people on the video will know. Weird, I know!

LisaL said...

I can go either way on porn. Some of it is ok, but I don't like other aspects of it. *shrugs*
I have no idea what to expect w/ the rings, but it's nice to hear that others enjoy them :D We'll see if I'll join that club heh.