Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ouch!! part 2

Feeling a little better, but am still crying at the drop of a hat whenever something reminds me of all of this.... which is everything.

So we DTD tonight. Honestly, I really wasn't in the mood, but DH wanted to try out the wedge.
Figured it couldn't hurt anything and it would take my mind off of things for a little while.
Well...scratch the not hurting anything part!
The wedge works VERY well. Lemme tell ya.
We did it missionary w/ my booty elevated on to the wedge.
We did it right after dinner so DH was not about to lay on my stomach, so he had to hold himself up. That was a workout for him. Didn't help that he had done weight training today so his arms were tired lol.
Now it was good, but I am still VERY sore down there.... something I was not aware of until we started. YOUCH. I mean seriously, it was like first time raw pain.
The position didn't help matters either. If you're not familiar, being in that kind of position helps to promote deep penetration. Yeah, that was hurting too... but that one was actually in a good way rofl.
I mean at first it was almost too much, but I gritted my teeth (seriously.. I did), and stuck it out and it was good in the end. Not great b/c I was in pain, but good.

We also tried some of the new lube. The embrace stuff. Not sure how much DH used. Couldn't really feel anything but I think that's b/c of me. For some reason right now, I am REALLY watery feeling down there. Not sure what's going on, but I think b/c of that, we couldn't really feel the lube at all. *shrugs* Not like it's going anywhere so maybe later.

Oh and finally, I told DH not to expect me to go out to eat with his family for a while. (and here come the waterworks). He's not the best w/ his words so he said "Whatever". Lol I know that sounds bad, but it wasn't said in a cold way or anything like that.

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