Saturday, February 19, 2011


No exercise today. There's really no reason why I'm not going to other than I'm just deciding not to.
Although I would love to go at it all hardcore like I wanted to to begin with, my body is just not up to doing that yet. I'm hoping that since AF is almost gone (or gone by now), that my body will stop being a bitch and start working for me.
So yeah, right now, I feel like I do need to take extra time to let my body heal. It shouldn't take long though. Usually when I start exercising my body acclimates quickly to it. Hoping that will be the same this time as well.

As for the almost..... we almost DTD last night. UGH It was torture!!!! I was still wearing a pad though so that took any kind of sexiness out of the equation on my part rofl.
AF is either gone or almost gone today. Yesterday it was only there when I used the bathroom and by the night was barely there even then. SO I'm hoping today it's gone or will only just be a slight tint on the tp.
I already told DH that we're DTD anyway so he better be ready. His response "Well I'm not eating anything!" ROFL... BLEH!
Oh he knows just the right things to say to get me all hot..... *searches for that sarcasm button*

Anywho... I am getting drunk and going crazy tonight. I'd rather be pregnant, but I guess one of the small SMALL pluses to not being is that I can drink... and gosh darnit.. I'm going to!

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Anonymous said...

I feel ya with the whole exercise thing. I'm am trying to take it slow because my body just isn't in any good shape. I did manage 30 mins on the treadmill at the gym last Tues but the elliptical kicked my butt! Only lasted 10 mins!

Hang in there! We will get it!