Friday, February 25, 2011

Body good, emotions... bad

I did P90 Sweat and Sculpt. Didn't finish all of sculpt though.
It was just the 1-2 circuit for the sweat, but I tried to work out a bit harder with it to get a good workout in. With sculpt, I started it, and just didn't feel like doing it. I did a few bicep curls, swimmers press, did a round of lunges and squats and that was it. Just wasn't up for anything else.
It's something though and my body is feeling really good. Just a sort of refreshed feeling.

My emotions on the otherhand.... I've been feeling so down all day. Going through different scenerios in my head and making myself cry pretty much. I've been working on the living room thing, but it hasn't taken my mind off of it.

Definitely going to have a talk with DH tonight. Try to figure some things out and have a plan.

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LisaB said...

(((HUGS))) It's okay to have down days like that. It's bound to happen when you've been through so much. Allow yourself to grieve and feel sad. It will get better.
I'm proud of you and your exercise!