Tuesday, February 22, 2011

They've arrived! Sex stuff ahead!

Probably been here since this morning. I didn't hear it get delivered. They usually ring the door bell. I know our dogs would've gone crazy if they had so must've been super early when it arrived.

First up... lets talk about the Liberator Wedge.
It's a LOT bigger than I was expecting it to be. I'm glad it is though.
It came in it's own little carrying baggy w/ handle. It features a couple on eachother, but I'm sure that can be easily taken off for a more discreet appearance.
A lot of reviews I've read always rave about how it doesn't look like a sex toy, and that is very true. It looks just like a regular foam type of pillow. Anyone that is not familiar with the liberator products would have absolutely NO idea that it's anything but a wedge shaped pillow, which well, it is.

The cover on it is very velvety soft and easily removed. There is another cover up under that that prevents stains and such from reaching the foam

Before fully removing the outter cover to wash. I tested how strong this was on our bed. Now I'm a 200lb woman, and this thing held me up damn well. It sank in a little of course (otherwise you'd have a rigid edge digging in to you :P), but this still held up my booty damn well. I imagine someone of a smaller size would be held up even better. This is going to come in VERY handy for TTC amongst other things ;)

Next up, GoodHead flavored oral gel.
I purchased these for DH obviously. I have to be in a certain mood to do oral and thought these would be fun to try out to maybe help get me in to that mood more often and just to spice things up some.
I'm tasting them right now, and so far. Not bad at all.
The texture is like a slightly watery hair gel and it's not leaving any sort of sticky residue on my finger which is a definite plus since I wouldn't want to leave DH sticky (specially if we're not done yet.) And they're waterbased & sugarfree as well so won't screw things up in the hooha area if you decide to get freaky.
Cinnamon- Not bad. Cinnamon isn't particularly a fav flavor of mine to begin with but this stuff is very subtle and not overpowering at all.
Mint- Very good. I didn't think I would like it for some reason, but it's minty and yum.
Passion Fruit- Just has a sweet flavor. Not bad but not my fav.
Cherry- Least fav out of the bunch. I usually don't like any sort of synthetic cherry flavor unless it's tart/sour. If it's too sweet it reminds me of cordial cherries which I hate. This isn't bad, but just not a flavor I like.
Strawberry- Really sweet. Has a pleasant cottoncandy aftertaste to it.
Overall not bad. Subtle sweet flavors.

Next we have Embrace.. intimate lubricant.. strawberry flavored/scented. It's also waterbased and sugar free.

Little on the finger. Sweet smell and a very subtle flavor to it. Very slick. Dried up on finger, leaves no sticky or any kind of residue.

And now for some Hot Motion Lotion. Strawberry flavored/scented
Same as the rest w/ the water and no sugar.
Rubbed a bit on the back of my hand to test out the warming sensation. The smell of the stuff is nice. There's hardly any taste to it.
At first there was no warming sensation. After 2mins, it started. Slight warming to the touch, but def gets warm when you blow on to it.
Leaves a light oily feel which I'm still on the fence about. Will have to test it out on eachother to see if that makes it better heh.

And finally, the free gift.

 The site I ordered from has free gifts with any order. I'll get in to that in a sec.
This is the free gift this time. It's a little finger vibrator thing. This is my first ever vibrating anything. I haven't used it and don't plan on it until I'm healed down there.. and even then I'll let DH do the work ;)
It kinda freaks me out that it's in the shape of a dolphin though. WTF? Why are so many vibrating toys in the shape of animals??  BLEH.
Anywho, I already put in the batteries. It's a bit loud, but seems to have a decent vibe.

I ordered everything in strawberry flavor b/c I didn't think I would like anything else lol. I think next time I'll try for mints instead.
I ordered everything from the website edenfantasys.com . For the free gift, you have to first, find out what the gift is. Put it in to your cart, then put in the promotional code (GIFT) in to the correct area and it will subtract the price of it to 0. Easy enough :)
I'm sure there are other places that may be cheaper. We may try out adameve.com as well for whenever we want something else.

That's everything for now. As I said, I ordered more last night. A few things DH wants to try out.
Hopefully DH enjoys what we have so far though!


Kerrik said...

Wow, my husband wanted to get a Liberator wedge combo years ago, but we could never figure out where we would put it in our tiny apartment. I'm a curious to hear your opinion of it.

One small thing - when ovulating you may want to avoid lubricants unless you use something like Pre-Seed. My doc told us that most lubricants can actually interfere with or kill off sperm.

LisaL said...

Yep. I'm aware of the lubricant problem and killing sperm. Since we're not currently trying for a while (or well, trying w/ meds which is basically the same thing since I don't ovulate), I figured now was a good time to try out some of these things :)

Annabelle said...

Haha, I have the wedge and it's great!!! Have fun!!!