Thursday, February 3, 2011


Stupid frickin answer test!!!!!
The 2nd line on it was visible before I even put it in the PP. Just a big ole indent or something. I'm positive that's the faint line that can be seen on it. There's no color, and it's barely there.
The IC is showing a shadowy line as well, but nothing is really on it either. GRRRRR
I don't care about the IC (although it is annoying), but UGH, why did my one and only answer test have to have that. BLEH

I guess now it's just a waiting game. If AF is going to start tomorrow, then I'll probably start spotting today.
Going to hope that it's like my only BFP cycle... minus the m/c.... I spotted on 11 & 12dpo, and got a definite BFP on 13dpo. Well, I don't want to spot any today b/c I'll think I'm out, but then again, I would want to spot to prepare me for AF so it doesn't sneak up on me.

BLEH! Dilemma!

Erm, no more fresh blood spotting right now. Had some brown stuff earlier when I put in the progest sup, and a little bit on the tp when I used the bathroom when I finally woke.

My bewbs are still sore (off and on), and I've been constantly getting dull headaches that go away on their own.
But I'm sure both could be written off as just a s/e of the progest.
Uuuuuuugh torture!

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LisaB said...

What?! I swear I see something on those. I hope AF stays away! Come on BFP!!