Tuesday, February 15, 2011

And yeah...

It went about as I was expecting it to. Really nothing new brought up and nothing done.
I'm not angry about it though. Slightly disappointed, but not upset over it.
He basically said the same things we heard the last m/c. Don't know why it happened, could do blood tests, but he doesn't think they're necessary etc.
He said that he feels like we will get pregnant, we just have to stay persistant. Oh he doesn't know who he's talking to lol.
I mean it wasn't a bad consult or anything, it's just things we've already heard before.
I'm good though. We're going to take a few months off from the injections. I'm gonna focus on losing some weight, and hopefully once we start back the insurance thing will be sorted out and I'll be in a bit better health.


Crystal said...

Sorry you didn't get any new info today but I think it might be good to just take a break from all the RE stuff. They say when you "aren't" trying is when it will happen so maybe when you become more relaxed with it all it will happen! I'm trying to take my own advice as well LOL!

LisaB said...

:( I'm sorry hun. A break might be a good idea. Maybe a 2nd opinion is in order. If you ever feel like they aren't listening, it's good to look elsewhere. hugs

Kerrik said...

I agree with Lisa B. Sometimes a second opinion is the best thing. It led me to my current doctor and I am so glad I made the switch. *HUGS*

LisaL said...

Oh I'm actually happy with this doc so far.
I didn't mean to give the impression that he's not listening to us. I know I've complained about him not upping my follistim dose like I want, but that's mainly my impatients kicking in.
If I ever feel like our worries/thoughts are being ignored, I will def find a new doctor.