Monday, February 28, 2011

Fat Head

Just watched a really interesting documentary called Fat Head on netflix. It basically calls the dude that did Supersize Me a big fat liar and proves that he must've been cheating to say the least.
It was funny and actually really interesting and informative.
Basically just got me even more determined to try the Paleo diet out.
The guy that did this doc also ate fast food every day for 28 days. He ate the way he wanted to b/c well, as he pointed out, no one is forcing him to eat certain things. He ate hamburgers, fried chicken, french fries etc etc. and within 28 days, he actually LOST weight. Instead of worrying about how much fat he was eating, he would try to not eat more than 100g? of carbs a day.
I think his starting weight was 206, and by day 28, he was down to 194. It was pretty impressive and I wasn't expecting that at all.
He also tried another experiment where he ate basically a lot of high cholestrol or fat high foods, butter, eggs, bacon etc while eliminating refined carbs and sugars to see if his health would get worse. Nope.... it actually got better.
Color me shocked. It explains it all in the movie. I would highly suggest watching it one day if you're interesting in that sort of thing.

Oh and speaking of diet. I told DH that I wanted to try the Paleo and he's on board... for the most part lol.
He loves his dairy, so I told him he could have some, but hopefully once I get this book in and he reads up on it a bit more, he'll give that up as well. I really hope it helps with the insulin resistance, which in turn would help w/ PCOS symptoms.

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