Sunday, February 27, 2011

Body Issues

Just wanted to update on what my body is doing or not doing... whatever.

Feels like I keep having CM gushes down there. I checked CM and it's very lotiony as it usually is when I'm not going to O.

Pimples.... actually kind of clearing up. Still have a few popping up here and there, but not really that bad.

Feeling REALLY tired lately. Like I haven't been getting enough sleep. My sleeping hasn't been great, but I shouldn't be feeling like this. Not sure what's going on. It feels like I want to take a nap starting at about 3pm. It goes away, but then by 8pm, I'm ready to go to bed.

My depression is making me feel like I want to puke. Well not all the time, but when I think about DH's sister, and just everything. I get that awful feeling.

The inositol MIGHT be helping with the extra hair. It could just be wishful hoping though, but it looks like the hairs are coming back in lighter... not as thick as before. I hope it's not just my imagination. I hate having to pluck them all out!

OO, and I know this isn't a big deal for people without belly fat, but laying on the bed, my ribs are actually starting to poke through the fat! lol You can't see it when I'm standing up, but laying on my back, WOO there they are!!!  rofl

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