Thursday, February 10, 2011

Should've known

I should've known that something was wrong. I did an opk the other day and it wasn't a positive any longer. I convinced myself that it was nothing, but that was the start of it.
I know everyone says that you can't rely on OPKs and HPTs to progress, but it worked for me. My OPKs slowly got darker until it was a +, and then I guess when the egg failed to implant, it started to lighten up.
I'm always going to wonder what happened.  I have a feeling maybe my uterine lining may be too thick.
They always say it's nice and thick, and I've never reall paid attention to it, but maybe b/c it's thick, it's not letting an egg implant properly.
How would they even treat that if it is the problem? If the RE wants to talk with us again, I'm going to bring it up. Heh... I'm sure every doctor just LOVES it when someone brings up something they googled :P lol


unaffected said...

Ugh, I didn't even know lining could be *too* thick! Yet another thing to worry about. Thinking of you!

Kerrik said...

In all my research on trying to understand my extra thin lining, I did read about linings being too thick, particularly in menopausal women and women with anovulatory PCOS.
I'm sure it can be an impediment to implantation if it is too thick, or does not become secretory enough. I would ask about this, especially because years of having anovulatory cycles and an extra thick lining can make you more susceptible to some forms of cancer. Of course, that is an extreme situation, but I think it is worth talking to your doc about it.