Monday, February 14, 2011

Drowning my sorrows..... donuts and sex dreams lol.
DH brought home donuts yesterday after his paintballing thing. I inhaled 3 of them. I don't feel guilty about eating them at all, and I won't for eating the ones we have left either. Sure I may gain weight and the sugar and flour isn't exactly helping, but right now, I could care less about that.
I figure I deserve to eat whatever the hell I want right now and I'll worry about working it off later.

As for the sex dreams. SIGH. It was a quick one and there really wasn't any sex. Or well, I woke up before the sex happened. I won't go in to any details, but it was gonna be a good one lol.
MAN I want to pounce on DH! It's been 22days since I've had any lovin!! UUUUUUUGH. I mean yeah, I wasn't in the mood b/c of the progesterone goop, but still. 22!!!! Holy crap! I am feeling the absense of it now. Geeze. When I'm on the suppositories again, we're gonna have to figure something out b/c this is insane. Specially if I do get pregnant and stay pregnant. That would probably mean I'd have to stay on the sups until I was what, 10 weeks? I'd have to get me some.

So yeah, this is where I'm at right now.
I want to oink out on all of the junk food, and I want to pork the hubs. At least I can do one of them.......

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SLESE1014 said...

I'm sensing a PIG theme in this post LOL!

Tonight is as good a night as is after all Valentine's Day!