Friday, February 4, 2011


I dunno what to think about my hpts today. Neither photo really shows what I'm seeing. The IC has a faint line on. Maybe it's my hope trying to make a shadow line more than it is though.
And the equate, it had the cross, but it faded like right at the time limit to an almost not there line. Before it faded, the vertical line looked funny. It looked like a grey line. Almost like an indent but not. I don't think it was just the dye crossing over it making it visible, b/c it showed up after the dye was crossing over the test. But the fading away part is what makes me doubt that it's anything other than something faulty.

This pic is after the time limit and out of the case. Wanted to see if it was just an indent (it's not as far as I can tell), and to see if I could get a better photo of what I'm seeing right now. This is what the line looked like after it faded. Hopefully you can see it in the photo.

So yeah.... TORTURE.
Spotting stopped late last night.
When I put in my progest sup this morning, it was just old stuff. That's not saying anything though. AF usually eases up a tremendous amount in the morning when I wake and then picks up again. The spotting could easily come back and turn in to AF.
It's going to be pure hell waiting to see if AF shows. I just hope that if it does show, it doesn't leave me waiting all day for it. Leave me waiting long enough to think that I'm not out.

Oh and add to my crazy woman hope pool here... my temp went up a little this morning. That could easily be the progest though. I've had a few times where my temp stays up in post-O temps until the mid- end of AF so.. this could easily be nothing.
I went to bed with a dull headache, and woke up with it too. Awesome start...... :\

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LisaB said...

I see lines on those! This must be so frustrating. Sending you big hugs.