Thursday, February 10, 2011

Turbo Sculpt kicked my butt

So just got done. Did Turbo Jam. Cardio Party and Turbo Sculpt. Both are a little over 40mins each.
I didn't finish the Turbo Sculpt. That workout is WAY too hard for my fitness level. Even their modified movements were too difficult. Too many squats and lunges.
Cardio Party was ok though. I tried not to overdo it like I have before. Whenever I have, I always end up extremely sore for a few days afterwards. So I made sure to take it easy.
I started getting some weird cramping in the uteris area by the end of it.

So yeah, I did do an hour, but near the end it was mainly me standing there looking at these people exercising like they were crazy. I think P90 will have to be my sculpt workout.
Alrighty, off to take a shower and wash the stank off.