Friday, February 18, 2011

Nap time

No exercise today. Ibuprofin really didn't kick in until late afternoon. I started to feel dizzy and just bleh.
I took a very unrestful nap and yeah, woke up feeling worse. Decided not to exercise.
Hopefully my body cooperates with me tomorrow so I can do something.

I think I'm going to alternate P90 with Turbo Jam. Do the 2 P90 workouts one day, then the next do Turbo Jam cardio.
That way it will give my muscles a rest from the weight lifting stuff not that I'm lifting heavy weights or anything lol.

Up late. Even though the nap earlier sucked, it's keeping me up.
I'm about to talk about my sex life again. It's part of this whole TTC mess so why the hell not. *nodnod*

Just ordered some lotions for later use w/ DH *winkwink* lol. Can't really use this stuff while trying since it could harm the sperm and whatnot, so figured since we can't really try right now, might as well have some fun. :D
I also ordered a Liberator Wedge. I've wanted one for a while now, but the steep price always put me off. Decided WTH... I'll get one anyway. It seems to get nothing but good reviews. It has to be sturdier than pillows up under my bum (whenever we do it that way). Should be fun to try out, and will also help w/ the hips up afterwards to keep the swimmers in as well hehe.
If we end up liking it, I may buy the ramp as well down the road.

So yeah.... now for this AF/ m/c to end already so I can get my freak on!
It was about medium/light today. It's slowly going away but not quick enough IMO.
Watching DH work out... getting all sweaty and breathing heavily.... SIGH! Damnit......... lol _/=^_^=\_

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