Monday, February 28, 2011

Sun room door entrance wall decor thingamajig

How's that for a blog post title! heh

I've finished up the thing I've been working on. Would've had it done sooner, but oh well, it's done now.
As I said, it looks like Tim Burton has thrown up all over the wall, but I think it looks neat.
I really wasn't trying to get the Burton look, it just ended up that way. I wanted it to contrast with the other wall thing in the living room which is very flowy and smooth and round.

Here's the rough sketch that I did when trying to figure out what I wanted to do
After looking at it for a bit, I liked the sketchy look and tried to kind of keep that going when I actually started it.

Here's the finished product. A far away shot with doors open and closed

And here's a closer look at it w/ the doors closed (obviously).

I may add a little more to it, but I'm not sure yet. Maybe glue some photos to the wall and create a frame around it using this stuff. I think that would be pretty neat. Specially to fill in some of the spots.

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Kerrik said...

you are a very talented lady