Friday, February 18, 2011

Feel good, but getting a headache

As the title says. I feel good after my workout. My right calf was giving me a little bit of a problem, but it wasn't so much that it made me stop or anything.
I am feeling tired which is right on queue for when I've been taking naps. Gotta resist it though!

Been reading more reviews on the liberator wedge. Seems as though people REALLY enjoy the ramp. It's just a larger version of the wedge.  Maybe if we enjoy the wedge we'll get some of the other ones too. There's this one called the hipster on their website that looks really comfy and fun ;)

Oh and I think I def have some cysts. Yesterday I was feeling really small aches on my left O area. And laying on my stomach, that side just felt a lot more pressure.
And today while exercising, I bent over and felt a lot of pressure on my right side as well.
I'm not worried about it though. Neither has really been bothering me at all and I know they'll go away on their own.


Lori said...

You have my curiosity peaked with the liberator! I have already looked into it :) I have been told that one of my issues is a tilted cervix and uterus and it looks like this can help! Also since both by husband and I are not petite individuals, this will be good for longer holding positions. Thanks for posting about this, because I am pretty sure I am ordering one :)

LisaL said...

Yay Lori :D
I can't wait to get our wedge. We enjoy the pillow under the butt thing, and I can only imagine having something sturdier will make it even better. Plus of course the benefit for TTC w/ elevating your hips during and afterwards :D
If you order it, come back and share if you like it or not!