Monday, February 7, 2011

Afternoon 17dpt FRER

This was only after a 2 hour hold. I tried going longer, but metformin IBS is kicking my butt this morning.
The test appears a little darker than yesterday's FRER from what I remember, but I think the photos really show that it is darker.
As I've always said, our camera does NOT like picking up faint lines, but it picked this one up NP even in clouded over lighting.
I'm feeling a lot better now.

I still wish this spotting would stop though. I completely forgot to mention it in the message I left and when the nurse called me back to set up the appointment.
If I see her tomorrow, I'll bring it up. I'm sure I'll probably just get the usual "some bleeding is normal in early pregnancy" line.


SLESE1014 said...

I can def see a second line..... Hope it sticks for you!!!!

Kerrik said...

I think it looks darker than before!