Wednesday, February 16, 2011

TSH, AF, and uh... yeah..

TSH came back normal, so I stay on my current dose of synthroid. I figured it would. Dern, I wish I remembered to actually ask for a number though. SIGH!

AF has lightened up some thank goodness. I really hope it won't last longer than my usual AFs. That's still long though. UGH I hate having a week long AF.

I've been having some weird sex dreams lately that don't ever actually get to the sex part.
Like the one from this morning.
I dreamt that I was part of a demon hunter organization. The demons looked just like people, but the way we could tell that one was close was that we'd get uh..... horny. ((I swear, my dreams would make awesome pornos rofl)).
I remember in one part of the dream. I was shopping in a grocery store when all of a sudden, I start feeling well... horny. So much so that I can't control it and start moaning and groaning on the floor making a huge scene. A fellow hunter comes to the rescue though and swoops me out of there. After regaining some composure, I get embarassed and angry that I won't be able to shop there any longer :P lol
Skip ahead, I'm in a meeting w/ a bunch of other hunters. I start getting that feeling again, and that's when I spot this new guy I've never seen before. He's giving me smoldering romance novel eyes, and the closer I get to him, the randier I get.
Of course I realize what this means and make a scene demanding to know what a demon is doing there. Our captain or whoever the hell is in charge informs us that he's on our side, and I get all huffy and mad.
A while later, I calm down and go to talk to the new demon dude. He's sitting by himself on a couch and of course the closer I get.... Well I make it over to him, and sit next to him to talk. Suddenly he grabs my hand and I see he has a HUGE boner lol. Apparently it works the other way as well. They feel the exact same way whenever we're close.
He says something like.... It's the same for us. What are we gonna do about it?
And in the dream, all I could think was something along the lines of... It's time to get it on bitches!
We're planning to meet up in his room. I go there a little early, strip down buck nekkid, and yep.... that's when I wake up! Boooooooooo

I know it always sounds like I'm some huge perv that wants to have sex dreams all the time. I'm not! I swear lol. It's just that when this is the only action I'm getting, or have gotten in a while... damnit.. it would be nice to have a completed one! >:P

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Kerrik said...

If it makes you feel any better, I also get lots of sex dreams, but I almost always wake up before I get to climax. I think once, I actually orgasmed in my sleep, and it was so strong it woke me up. That was pretty awesome :)