Monday, February 7, 2011

I love DH so much!

I left him a message earlier, just telling him when my appointment is.
I jokingly (but hoped) asked him to get me some more tests. I honestly didn't think he would b/c he REALLY hates shopping most of the time... specially if it involves going to Walmart.
Welp, he came home late b/c he did just that. He went to Walmart! He bought me 2 more equate and another pack of 3 FRER.
SQUEEEEEEE..... I love that he supports my POAS addiction lol.

So yeah, yay for that :D

Probably will take an equate tomorrow. Since the one from yesterday was so apparent, and since it will be 2 days between tests, hoping that there will be an obvious darkening of the new test.

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