Sunday, February 27, 2011

Being healthy is expensive!!

DH and I decided to try to eat a bit healthier this week. Our grocery bill was a lot more to show for it! YIKES. Hoping with the weather starting to warm up, fruit and things will go on sale more often now.
It wasn't all healthy, or as healthy as we could be, but it's healthier than what we usually end up getting.
Been reading about the Paleo diet and think I may give that a try startng next week. I'm not good with eliminating foods, so I'll try it out slowly. I bought a book about it so will read up on it.
It sounds like a lot of PCOSers have really great success with it and a lot of their symptoms disappear.
So yeah, will probably start trying to give it a go next week.
This week is going to be slightly healthier eating as well. Carbs and sugars are going to be meh. Fruits b/c well, they're sugary lol... and carbs b/c the grocery store was having a REALLY good sale on Honey Nut Cheerios so we got 2 boxes of it. HN Cheerios aren't that bad though, and I plan on having that w/ an apple or banana or some greek yogurt w/ fruit added to it and an apple or whatever for a lot of lunches this week.

Emotions... Still feeling depressed, but overall I'm ok.

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Annabelle said...

I have also started to try and eat healthier and my bank has suffered also!! I have been cooking things from scratch for us, it tastes great and feels great to know what is in our meals! Sorry you're still feeling depressed, I can relate. HUGS!