Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Afternoon tests

I'm freaking out to be honest.
I'll post up comparisons

First photo is of the Equate from 2 days ago (16dpt)
Next is the one from today

When I saw that the line didn't get any darker, I panicked and took an FRER. The line on it is about the same as the one from yesterday. I can't tell if it could be darker, lighter or the same.

First is yesterday's test, next is today's

That equate should've been darker today. If things were progressing as it should.... I just feel like it should've been darker. Specially after 2 days.

UGH these tests did not give me any confidence. I need my betas to come back good. With the way the tests are looking right now, I don't see how they will. I really hope I'm wrong. I hope b/c it was just a 2.5-3hr hold, that's why the tests aren't as dark as they should be. I hope my numbers come back fine and doubling..................I hope this sinking feeling will be replaced with excitement.


LisaB said...

I think it's darker! The FRER is definitely darker! I know how scary and frustrating this is. People will tell you not to worry, but how can you not?! I hope the betas put you at ease. Please hcg, go up!! Hugs.

A said...

WAHOO!!!!!! Congrats! Don't worry about it being darker. Betas are the only tests that will be "darker" as your HCG levels rise!! Have you taken a digital? Don't worry girl! Positive test = you're pregnant!! And I'm so happy for you!!!!

Kerrik said...

I think the FRER is definitely darker!