Monday, March 21, 2011

Hmm... something triggered it

Been visiting the toilet often today and last night. Last night, I thought it was just the spicy pickled jalapeno that caused it, but today.... it's something else that is triggering it and I'm not sure what.
Only thing I can think of is maybe it's tomatoes? I love tomatoes though and I've been eating them pretty regularly these past couple of weeks with no problem so *shrugs*

In other news, spotting has occured a little more. It's just been brown smudges though. Hoping AF starts tomorrow, but not sure if it will. FX

Also have most of the laundry done. Have 2 more loads to do and so many to fold. BLEH! I hate folding clothes.... so so much...


Annabelle said...

Could it be the start of the stomach bug? My roommate just got over it!

LisaL said...

No def not a stomach bug. This is just typical metformin bathroom trips.
The salsa I ate earlier was spicy. Maybe it's peppers? I've read that peppers can cause people digestive irritation. *shrugs*
Nothing I haven't been living with for the past couple of years.

SLESE1014 said...

My TCM doc says the Paleo diet can be construed as a detox and will have that effect. Just making simple changes can trigger a detox effect plus you're mixing in exercise and such. Add that to the metformin you already have issues with and I'm sure that's the culprit!

LisaL said...

Thanks for the info SLESE :)