Monday, March 14, 2011

Rockabye Baby

DH is a Weezer fan. Not really fanatic but he does search for Weezer related things. I THINK this is how he found this website.

They take regular music (most of it is rock), and turn it in to a lullaby. No lyrics, just the music. It is SUPER adorable. You can listen to short clips of the songs on their website.

He bought his sister (yes the annoying pregnant one) the Nirvana cd. I thought that was really sweet of him to do and I'm sure she's going to love it.
He wants to get us the Weezer one (of course) & the Guns N Roses. I want the Queen one as well :D

In other news, I'm feeling pretty darn awesome. Well not really my body, but my mood is fantastic. I don't feel like strangling SiL whenever I think about her any longer which is a good thing lol.
Don't get me wrong, I'm still super pissed at her for the comments and how she acted, but I'm ok.
Probably helps that we're close to starting a new cycle and trying again and then this diet and losing weight.

Speaking of the diet. It's going well. DH is already planning on having a big blowout cheat weekend when we're done with the 30 days lol. We're not going to be going back to how it was before or anything, but we're gonna cheat.
I want a BIG slice of chocolate cake. Longhorn steakhouse has this cake that is frickin amazing. I'll order steak and stick to paleo that way, but I am having that cake! rofl
I also want some greasy fried chicken from Bojangles. Yum yum. Even talking about it right now though, I don't have that craving for it. I mean I want it and I miss it, but no more nagging feeling. Nice!

I haven't really been that hungry these past few days even though my calorie count has been WAY down. 2 days ago it was only 1022, yesterday was soething like 1158. Hell, I remember on past diets, limiting calories to 1800 calories a day and feeling like I was starving.
I guess all of the protein and fat really does help you to fill up and feel satisfied b/c I sure haven't been skimping on either of those.
Almost everything is cooked in coconut oil. I eat ALL of the meat (yes including the fat) and yep... this is awesome.
I am still struggling trying to get out of the mindset that animal fat or just any fat in general is bad. Looking at my food logs, the fat is pretty up there and I end up feeling guilty. It's difficult to reprogram what you've been told all your life, ya know?

Oh I haven't mentioned what I've been eating.
Erm, yesterday, DH fixed us some scrambled eggs with left over turkey sausage mixed in for breakfast.
Lunch, was 2 slices of ham and an apple
Dinner, I fixed some lightly curried chicken along with a salad.
DH doesn't like curry that much but I wanted to try it out.
I pounded some chicken breasts, pan fried in a tablespoon of coconut oil. Seasoned with cayenne pepper, curry powder, garlic powder, pepper & sea salt. Cooked it over medium heat. It was SO good. Chicken was moist and full of flavor. I fixed the pack of chicken (comes with 3 breasts), and DH finished off the 2nd breast as well (after I stole a piece from it heh).
Snacks yesterday were a few macadamia nuts (FRICKIN AWESOME. I could eat the whole container), and pork rinds. Oh and also for breakfast we finished off the pineapple and raspberries we had left over from the night before. YUM!

Feels like I wanted to say something else. Oh well, I'm sure I'll think of it later.

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