Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WHEW! YAY Insurance finally!!

Pharmacy called back today. Talked to the nice lady, she tells me the bill is going to be $800something dollars.
Uhm.. WHAT?
I quickly tell her that our insurance should be covering everything now. She checks and sure enough, YES IT SHOULD. Takes her a minute as her computer is slow I guess, but she gets everything sorted out and the new total comes to $300something.
Had me sweatin bullets there for a min.
They're overnighting it so it should get here tomorrow.
DH is off though and we're planning on going to a lot of places so hope it gets here early.

We're going to whole foods store. Probably spend at least a few hours in there depending on how large the place is.
Oh but first, we have to catch DH's demon fish! They're tinfoil barbs. 1, they get HUGE. They're supposed to be peaceful fish, but they've already killed one of my poor rainbowfish. AND they're completely destroying all of my aquarium plants. So yeah, they've gotta go. Going to be a PAIN IN THE ASS trying to catch 4 fish out of a 125gal tank. NOT looking forward to that. We'll then be taking them to the fish store and hopefully they'll take them off our hands. I'm sure they will. They always have large oscars and such that people give to them and our own fish aren't that big.
And blahblahblah. So yeah... our day tomorrow is gonna be busy and I can't wait! Too bad DH being off means that he has to work this weekend. Boo :(

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One Cycle at a Time said...

That's great news about the insurance paying for the drugs!!!! Good luck this cycle!