Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Better today

The eating more protein thing really did work.
Ate more for lunch.... I didn't get hungry again until around 4. I ate another slice of ham and was good to go. Hopefully I won't have to snack at all in the future but whatever. I'll eat more meat. Meat=goooood lol.

For dinner I fixed a Roasted Sticky Chicken. Here's the recipe for it.
I only use one bird for it so it comes out a bit saltier, but it's still awesome. I over cooked it today though so it was dry, but I have another bird I'll be fixing next week, so I'll adjust the time then heh.

Also used some of the drippings to saute some zucchini slices. Yum yum! Going to have leftover chicken and some more zucchini tomorrow for lunch.

I have been craving sugar. Not candy bars or anything like that. I want to eat the fruit we have. Go tear in to the apples and just eat them all in one sitting kind of feeling heh.
I had some strawberries tonight after dinner though and it was yummy and satisfying. Of course not fantastic w/ the sugar content/carbs, but according to dailyburn, I'm only at around 50g of carbs for today. My calories for today are also low at 1500cal. I mean that's not low low, but compared to yesterday's 2400 heh. It's b/c of the fish I ate.
Paleo really isn't too concerned about calorie counting though so I'm not worried about it.

Oh I made DH watch the documentary Fat Head. It really is a fantastic documentary. If you've ever been thinking about giving up carbs, you really need to watch it. It's SO informative and will open your eyes to all of the misinformation we've all been fed.
I think after watching it, DH is a lot more interesting in sticking with this eating. Maybe not as strict after the 30days w/ the dairy lol, but with cutting refined carbs and sugar, definitely.

OH I forgot, I've also been craving some of my diet soda! It's caff free so it's not that I want. I just miss drinking it. The fizziness, the sweet yummy taste. SIGH. I don't crave it that much though, but water gets so boring and the thought of drinking unsweetened tea makes me gag lol.
I may cheat every once in a while and have one of my sodas. Maybe this weekend :D

And finally.... I think I'm losing water weight. I was down to 208 today. I weighed 3 times, once it was down to 207, but the other was 208 so sticking with that one heh. Hopefully it stays off permanantly though!
I know I am cheating like crazy weighing myself so much. I can't help it though. I'm gonna continue until this Sunday and then I'm going to put the scale away. Out of sight, out of mind *nodnod*
At least that's what I'm hoping for ;)


Kerrik said...

Congrats hun!

Jen said...

Way to go! I absolutely LOVE Roast Sticky Chicken!!