Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Garden chat...

So I did rest. Didn't actually fall asleep though.
Ate my last ramen (so it would stop being a temptation), and watched a movie. Then went out and worked on the garden.
Not as many weeds as I thought, but a lot of dead debris. That was a pain in the ass to get up. Lots and lots of shoveling the top soil off. So it was a decent workout. Not as good as a regular one, but still something at least and I got a lot done.

I think I'm going to keep one garden strictly for what's already in it, which is strawberries, spearmint, and I'll be planting a blueberry bush in it as well. I think I may also try some raspberry in the area as well. Try to grow them on to a wire fence around the area. I think that will be really good.

The other garden next to it. I have no idea. Cucumbers definitely, but what else *shrugs* I have no luck with tomatoes. They grow, but they always end up having that fruit rot thing happen. Fresh tomatoes would be SO good, but I'm not even going to bother. Maybe will just do a nice big garden of cucumbers. I love growing them. Fresh cucumbers are awesome, they're easy to grow and easy to give away when you get a ton of them lol.

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