Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weigh In!

So DH and I both weighed in this morning.
He's at 223 even. That is down almost 3lbs from last week (225.8).
YAY! So proud of him. I know he likes seeing that number going down although I'm sure he wishes it would be more. But his measurements are definitetly going down down down.
Here are they from 2 weeks ago, then today.

DH's Measurements

Chest:                                     45,        45
Waist:                                     44.5,     43
R Upper Arm:                         15.25,   15
L Upper Arm:                         15.75,   14.75
R Upper Arm Flexed:             16.25,    16.25
L Upper Arm Flexed:             16,         16
Hips:                                      46,         43.75
R Thigh:                                 25.5,      24.5
L Thigh:                                 25.5,      24.5

Total                                     249.75 - 242.75 = 7 inches lost in 2 weeks.

Pretty darn impressive :D
I love his arm measurements. Smaller unflexed, but the same flexed which means he's gaining more muscle. YAY DH!

And for my own.
It's not as dramatic but oh well lol. Don't expect it to be since I'm not exercising.

My Measurements

Weight:                                207,      204

Bust:                                    43,        42.25
Underbust:                           37.5,     37.5
Above Bellybutton:              40.25,    39.5
Waist:                                  38.75,    38
Pooch:                                 44,         43.5
Hips:                                   44.5,      43.25
R Thigh:                              25.75,    26
L Thigh:                              25.75,    26.5
R Upper Arm:                     17,         17
L Upper Arm:                     16,         16.5

Total:                                 332.75-   330 = 2.75 Lost in 2 weeks

Lol man, that kinda makes me feel bad, but meh. I know some of the measurements aren't exactly where I took them before. At least I hope not! lol.
It still shows that the diet works though. Even if the inches aren't flying off of me, it's still doing something and saturated fats are NOT the devil as we've all been taught.
Going to try to do some strength stuff today. The beginner moves of course heh.


LisaB said...

You guys are doing well! Good job!!

unaffected said...

Nice work on the weight loss, both of you! And you lost a good amount of weight for not exercising, Lisa! I'm proud of you :)

Dieting sucks! I start Weight Watchers again on Tuesday... :/