Saturday, March 19, 2011

Not trying to sound elitist

I really hope I'm not sounding that way when I talk about paleo. I don't want to end up one of the elitist jerks who look down on everyone.
I just want to help inform people. Give them the information that I've learned. It's SO difficult to get people to eat a certain way, specially the paleo way when all our lives we're told that ALL fats= bad. And that whole grains are part of a healthy diet, and eating beans is good for us. I mean hell, vegans and vegetarians eat beans and wheat all the time and they're healthy right?? Yeah SOME of them are, but read up on paleos/primal eaters that used to be vegetarians. Almost every single one that I've come across have always said that they got FATTER on their vegetarian diets. Or that their skin was awful, or that they did lose some weight, but still had pudge everywhere.
Our bodies were designed to eat a certain way and wheat and legumes are not part of what we should be having.
Anywho, I'm getting all preachy here and I need to stop! lol

Here's a great article. This woman started eating Primal on the new year. Had her cheats but yeah, just check out the before and after shots. She didn't have much to lose obviously, but there is SUCH a huge difference between the before and after.
Hell, right now I'd be happy looking like the before shot :P lol
Still, her change in 5 weeks is still very impressive.

Oh and taking a queue from another blog, I'm going to start posting photos of all of my meals. Or at least when I remember to lol.
Here's lunch for today.

Some pounded lightly curried chicken breast with a salad. Salad dressing is balsamic vinegar & olive oil along with some pickled jalapeno juice. I need that saltiness to help with the vinegar lol.

I made the chicken the night before. Got out some of that frustration from my dinner that night. Poor chicken breasts never had a chance!
Chicken was cooked in about a tablespoon and a half of coconut oil. Heat was medium.
Lightly seasoning with curry powder, black pepper, cayenne and sea salt.
Ah crap... just remembered, I wanted to have some salsa w/ my salad today! Booo. I was looking forward to it to. DH is having the same lunch as me except I packed him up some of the salsa and it smells SOOOOO good.

Oh and I just had about a tablespoon and a half of Blue Diamond Almond Butter (creamy). All it is is almonds, so it's not very sweet, but it was still good.
I wonder if you could make macadamia nut butter? I would eat that by the gallon! lol
Had it b/c I was still feeling like I wanted something and it was there so why not.

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