Friday, March 4, 2011

Biting the bullet.

Ripping the bandaid off... and uhm.. yeah that's all I've got lol.
I think I'm just going to go out to eat with DH tonight. I still feel like puking just thinking about seeing her or hearing about her pregnancy, but I need to just go. The longer I wait, the more awkward and difficult it's going to be to not just face her, but his other family members as well.
Trust me, I don't really want to go. I specially don't want to hear anything about her pregnancy, but I have to do this. I'm already a hermit on my own... I can't let this turn me in to one even more. I know I need to take time to grieve, and I am. And who knows if I'll be able to go out every week, but this feels like something I need to do right now. Just get it over with so I can stop dwelling on it so much.

On a different note.... Finally read through most of the Paleo book. I skipped some of it to be honest. Like the part talking about the exercising. I skimmed through that section. It really wasn't telling me anything I didn't already know. They have their own way of working out that is supposed to emulate what cavemen might have done. Lots of lifting, walking, running, pulling etc, but for now I'm just going to stick with my P90 and may add in those kinds of things down the road.

Speaking of P90 for a sec... I did P90 sweat 1-2 yesterday with a little bit of weight lifting and some squats and lunges.
No exercise today.

Back to the Paleo. It seems for weight loss, if that's my goal, I'm not going to be able to eat much fruit. Boooooo
I'm having at least an apple a day damnit. I need SOMETHING sweet, although dark chocolate is allowed... so maybe that instead hehe.
Most of the meals listed sound pretty good though although I'm not sure what we're going to do about storing the veggies and such. We have a side-by-side fridge and it does NOT have a lot of room in it... specially in the crisper drawer (where you're supposed to keep veggies). We'll work something out though.
I'm doing this though.... it's gonna happen.

Oh and I'm down a pound this week. WOO! 212 last week, 211 this week :D The 30 day challenge that's on one of the boards that I go to is for Paleo eating, which I'm doing, but they also don't want you to measure or weigh in at all during that time. Yeah... that's not going to happen. I'm eating paleo for 30 days but not weighing or measuring myself.... pfffft.

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SLESE1014 said...

This Paleo diet keeps coming up. I admire your strength and willingness to keep it up. I just don't believe I have it in me. I'm making some changes, but not sure I could do all of that.

Congrats on the weight loss...Keep it up!