Monday, March 28, 2011

Ok so... it's not that bad

So the coconut milk concoction is actually starting to turn in to icecream I think. It didn't do what the recipe said (turn in to a thick custard on the double boiler), but it is hardening nicely in the freezer.
The texture of it is a bit weird. You can def tell there is a lot of fat in it b/c it coats your mouth when you eat it. It also has a very different flavor. Can't really put my finger on what exactly though. First bite, your a bit.. meh... 2nd and third bite you want some more hehe.

I need to chill on all of the sugar I'm having though. Been going a bit crazy for the past 2 days. I mean nowhere near the amount I was having pre-paleo eating, but still too much IMO. It has probably only been the same as eating a serving of fruit, but I'd rather have some fruit than a brownie or ice cream right now b/c with those, I can only have a tiny amount before I feel guilty for eating them and with fruit, well a serving is filling and I don't feel bad for eating it.
And I think the jerky is an overeat trigger for me. I could seriously go in to the kitchen right now and polish off the rest of it lol.

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