Thursday, March 3, 2011

This Paleo book so far

I'm actually really liking it. It confuses me at times though. He uses A LOT of abbreviations and I completely forget what the hell they are. *shrugs* It does get a bit too technical in parts, but for the rest of it, it's easy to follow.
What I've read so far, he pretty much tries to explain how our digestion works, and why eating wheats, rye, etc is bad for us b/c our bodies don't digest these things properly.
Goes on to explain that fats aren't all bad as we've been told.
Basically, we need to cut out all of this refined carbs, such as breads, cakes, pasta. Get on a gluten free diet. Eat the right kinds of fats, blahblah and we'll be as healthy as our cavemen ancestors.
A lot of what he talks about is exactly what was talked about in the documentary Fat Head that I mentioned a few days ago which just reinforces what he's trying to get across.

Seriously, I highly suggest watching that doc. Yes it's cheesy and a bit low rent, but it has some really great information.

So far this book has made me super paranoid about eating refined carbs ever again. I'm sure I will every once in a while... can't stay away from cake for forever lol, but it would only be on rare occassions.
Just how he explained how much damage eating these carbs does on our bodies is enough to scare anyone. Also goes in to why eating too many carbs may be the cause of certain illnesses. I know the way I explain it sounds ridiculous, but he goes in to it all really well and explains everything.

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