Tuesday, March 22, 2011

And here she is!

For once not ruining someone's mood :P
A full day ahead of schedule and I could not be happier about it!!
I was afraid that it was going to lag a bit b/c even though it got slightly heavier last night, it was lightening up by the time I went to bed.
I didn't feel anything when I woke up so I figured nothing yet.
So got up to let the dogs out but first clean out some doggy ears, and WHOOSH.... there she was! I gasped and then Yay'd like a dork :P lol
So happy that we could be starting again on Thursday!!! I really hope the doc starts me on a much higher dose. I don't seem to respond at all until my dose is at least 175, so why not just start me there ya know?
I doubt he will though. He'll probably start me at 150. Whatever, better than nothing :D Hoping that with the improved diet and the weight coming off that I'll respond a lot better to the meds so I won't have to spend 2 weeks being a pin cushion!
I have my baseline tomorrow morning at 10 *happy dance*

I'm still a bit sore so probably won't do anything today either. I think AF is making the soreness stick around a bit longer, and come to think of it, AF may have been the poo trigger too.

A bit bloated feeling down there. I've been peeing a lot though. Woke up 3 times to go last night, NM the 2 times I went before I fell asleep.

Breakfast today was non sugar cured bacon and scrambled eggs. Same as yesterday. I haven't been taking any photos b/c I figured everyone knows what that looks like... plus I'm still half asleep so I forget most of the time :P

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