Saturday, March 19, 2011


DH is so clueless. I seem to say that a lot lol. I love the big lug but man, he is completely clueless when I'm upset. That's partially my own fault though.. well ok, mostly my own fault. I ninja-stealth when I cry so it's not like he ever sees that and when he does, he does comfort.

Anywho.... DH weighed in at 225.8 so that is another 5lb loss making his total for 2 weeks, 10lbs.
As I thought, my own is still 207. I did weigh yesterday and it came to 206, but I'm not worried about it. Hoping when AF starts, the water weight drops off.

Here's another quote from The Paleo Solution. The section I'm snipping this from is talking about where we digest proteins, fats and carbs and how our bodies break each down.
.... this is an opportunity to see "complex carbohydrates" for exactly what they are: Lots of sugar. No matter what type of carbohydrates we absorb, it all goes into the system as either glucose or fructose, aka sugar.

And another before I go make some breakfast.
Now, this may sound like heresy, but there are no "essential carbohydrates." Our bodies can make all the carbohydrates it needs from protein and fat. Although glucose is critical for many of our tissues, the redundant mechanisms in our bodies for producing glucose indicate it was a fuel that was transient in our past. We are not genetically wired for a 50 percent carbohydrate, bran muffin diet, despite what the USDA, AMA, and FDA have to say on the topic.


The Lady Girl said...

Great things in this post...

1) You're still trying and blogging
2) You've loss not gain
3) You're getting AF
4) DH loss

Stay motivated and I'll be checking back daily. I enjoy reading your blog.

Kerrik said...

I agree that you are doing great. Try not to be so hard on yourself.

I always gain 3-4 pounds just from my period water weight, and it comes off pretty quickly, so probably you will see an nice loss after AF passes through town.

LisaL said...

Thanks ladies :)

socialite_baby said...

You've lost 20 pounds so far, that's awesome! Don't be so hard on yourself! :D You should be proud!

Thanks for the link on my blog! I'm still trying to figure it out (site is a little confusing and my thinking cap got switched off somewhere between strict baby making sex and sleep deprived) but I loved her story! It's amazing how slight diet changes can help chronic illnesses! I cut out gluten in certain foods and even though I still eat wheat 1-3 times a week I don't notice my endo pain as much when not on AF.