Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Butternut squash & pork verdict

No good! BLEH.
It tasted like pumpkin pie meets pork. I'll try the butternut squash again in some sort of dessert, but not as part of a savory dish. It tastes far too much like pumpkin and I associate pumpkin with dessert.

I only had a bowl of the stew and that was enough. Ate a boiled egg after and I'm hungry. The taste of the squash just has me wanting dessert more than ever now.
I'm seriously craving it.

In my search for something, came across another paleo cooking blog. A lot of her stuff looks SO good.

Especially the blueberry coconut flour muffins *drool*

I almost never ate coconut before, but I'm beginning to appreciate it a lot more now lol. Just need to go get some coconut flour and other stuff and start making some desserts!!

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