Monday, March 28, 2011


Anyone see this movie? It's not for everyone. It's a bit low-brow humor, and being me, I thought it was hilarious :P lol
It kind of hit home what all Infertiles find infuriating.
All of the idiots have tons of kids, while the rest of us can't. And in the movie, 500years in to the future, the world is filled with nothing but idiots :P
Anywho, just thought I would mention it.

In other news... coconut milk ice cream # 2 is a bust! BOOOO.
No idea what the heck I'm doing wrong. I follow the directions exactly, and still nothing.
I know the coconut milk I used this time was full fat.
It's this brand
When you put the coconut milk in to the fridge for a couple of days, the fat and water seperates. This is what I did with this one and most of it was fat with just a little bit of thick water at the bottom.


And still..... no icecream! Grrrr, stupid recipe!

EDIT: Alrighty, so after a little bit in the freezer, the ice cream (if you want to call it that) is starting to look a bit better. More like a soft serve kind of thing going on. Not sure if I really like the taste of it but DH seems to like it.

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