Saturday, March 12, 2011

Weigh In today

So DH did his official Weigh in today along with measurements.
He's lost 5lbs and quite a few of his measurements reflect it as well. YAY DH! :D

I went ahead and did my official WI as well and I'm down to 207, which makes it a 4lb loss since Sunday. YAY!
I also took my measurements and here they are. First number is for the last time, 2nd for today.

Weight:                                 211    -     207
Bust:                                    42.75  -     43
Underbust:                           38.25   -    37.5
Above Bellybutton:              42.25    -   40.25
Waist:                                  39.75   -    38.75
Pooch (below waist):           44.25  -     44
Hips:                                   44      -      44.5
Right Upper Thigh:               27.25  -     25.75
Left Upper Thigh:                26        -     25.75
Right Upper Arm:                17      -       17
Left Upper Arm:                 16       -       16

Hopefully the weight keeps dropping off like that. Means I'll be in the ONEderlands in 2 weeks lol. That would be awesome!
I am going to start back up with exercising next week so hopefully that will help. Specially with my fat arms. UGH I hate them. They've always been the fat grandma swinging arms.

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