Monday, March 28, 2011

Fat Head on HULU

OOOOO Someone posted a link to the documentary Fat Head on HULU

Goooooooo watch it!!!! lol

Here is a speech he did that covers what he talks about in the documentary. Well, the good stuff heh with a little extra science in there.

Seriously.... watch it and make anyone who has insulin resistance or diabetes watch it. Make anyone who is trying to lose weight watch it. Get the word out folks!! It's not a miracle cure all, it's not a promise of making one skinny instantly, it's getting the word out on WHY we're getting fat and what is causing it.
Wonder why your low fat diet isn't working? WATCH IT. Wonder why all of those supposedly good whole grains aren't making you any healthier? WATCH IT.
Yes, I am going to keep mentioning it b/c I want more people to learn about it. To get rid of all of the bad CRAP we're putting in to our bodies. To hopefully help one more person out there who has tried everything except for this maybe.

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