Saturday, March 26, 2011

Exercise.... eh...

I did exercise a little today. DH did, and I joined him. I still don't like exercising in front of him though.
I was going to try out some of the strength stuff but that didn't happen. I'm just too heavy and weak to do any kind of pullup right now.
I did do a few wall pushups though and ended up doing 15min on the eliptical and 15 on the treadmill.
I did wear my toe shoes as well and everything was ok. The toe hurt for a little bit but got used to it after a while and the achilles areas were ok after the first few minutes as well, so yay for that :D
While on the treadmill I tried to engage the abs a bit. Drawing in the bellybutton (basically sucking in) and worked that out some. I also did a few squats but wasn't really up to doing them.

And I know, I keep forgetting to take photos of the meals! It hasn't been anything spectacular though so not missing much lol. I'll try to remember to take the photos though :)

Here are some of the dehydrator in action! lol MAN is it LOUD. You get kind of used to it though, but yeah, just be warned if you're thinking about purchasing one. At least the one we have is noisy.
I can't remember what kind of meat this is... it was already cut thin and DH wanted it so yeah...
I just added some freshly ground black pepper and salt. Kind of pounded it in to the meat with a spoon and put it in the fridge overnight.
We'll get a bit more creative with flavors once we get some more meat to work with.


The Lady Girl said...

I've thought about getting a dehydrator to make some flax-crackers. I attempted to make them in the over and BAM it was a bust. I see you have a box of Truvia in the background. lol How do you like it? I like Splenda better but the low carb critics say Truvia is better.

Kristina said...

Good for you on working out! I don't workout in front of my bf either. It's so awkward, lol.

LisaL said...

I've only used the truvia a few times before starting the Paleo diet and haven't touched it since. Just been lazy and haven't put it away yet lol.
Last time I used it was w/ some greek yogurt. I thought it was ok. Nothing special.