Sunday, March 13, 2011

I am SUCH a dork

Ok so while I was taking DH's measurements earlier today, he would lift up his arms so I could get the tape measure around him. Every time I did, I couldn't help but steal some hugs. I also included a contented sigh or soft contented moan (nothing nasty!) along with each hug too.
I swear you would think I was attention/affection starved or something. It was SUCH a pathetic sight and DH cracked up whenever I did it. Lol I couldn't help myself.


Oh and I forgot to mention.
Apparently Dh's uncle and aunt are still TTC. Or at least giving it one more go before stopping. They're also doing their own diet to try to get in to better shape. They cheat A LOT though. Always see them and hear how they just had a cheat day here or there etc.
He's not in that bad of shape, but she could really benefit from getting rid of sugar and carbs. She also suffers from PCOS and has all of the classic symptoms. Facial hair, thinning scalp hair, etc. She also exhibits insulin resistance too and was told she needed to get her sugar under control or she would become full blown diabetic. She did lose a lot of weight before but it crept back on as they got back in to bad habits.

I truly hope that they'll be able to conceive though. Sure they both have flaws, but we all do. I know they would raise a good person though if given the chance.

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