Monday, March 7, 2011

Grrr, why can't I just SLEEP!

Yep, awful night of sleep again! SO damn frustrating!

I didn't get to bed until 12pm. I premade our lunches for the next day and made some dressing and mayo. Mayo is a bit gross lol
Anywho.... laid down, didn't get to sleep until after 1am.
I did manage to get a good sleep for at least 2-3hrs before I started to wake up constantly. I actually woke woke at 5am and stayed awake until I got up at 5:50. BLEH!

Anywho, first day of cooking breakfast for DH and I.
I made us scrambled eggs. 2 eggs each along w/ the left over eggwhites from the mayo. I also cut up 2 slices of ham and put that in to the mix.
Cooked it w/ a tbs of olive oil but DH didn't care for the taste too much so I may just omit that next time or try the coconut stuff instead.
Also had half an apple each and a few almonds.
I did manage to go to sleep afterwards, but I was still waking up every 30mins.
Funny thing though... when I laid down to go back to sleep. This was probably about 20mins after we finished eating. I started feeling hungry again. It was a pretty large breakfast, but there was that hunger.
Probably my body craving for some refined carbs or something.

As I said, I precooked lunch the night before. It's just 4 hamburger patties (we can have 1-2 each). I used up some green bell pepper and onion. Chopped that up well. Added some pepper and just a teensy bit of sea salt and mixed that w/ the patties as I made them.
All were pan fried in a tbs of olive oil.
Also having a little bit of tomato, lettuce and onion as well. This lunch we're allowed 2 condiments with it, but I'm just using some good ole Texas Pete hot sauce.
So far so good.

I started to get hungry at about 10am, but held out until noon before eating lunch. I did eat a couple of pieces of chicken left over from the fajita salad and MAN is it still yummy!

I'm still spotting. Well not spotting spotting, just the tinted tp wipes after using the bathroom. Oh well.. just one more week before I call to get the provera.
Oh and no exercise today again. I'm going to try to get some stretching in though.

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