Thursday, March 3, 2011


Today has started off great and I hope it stays that way!

Let me explain.... yesterday, DH came home and said that he called the insurance company. He wanted to make sure what we had to do for this letter.
Well the person he talked with didn't help much BUT said that we could look at our prior-approval request on the computer so that's what he did.
Don't have it in front of me so can't give specifics.
But under one part... it has 2 options... if we're just doing coital reproduction (timed intercourse), or if we're doing artificial reproductive technology. Well guess what.... the ART was checked. So either the insurance screwed up or the RE office screwed it up when they called the request in.
So the person helping DH said that all we have to do is get the RE's office to call them back with another PA request, choose the coital option and we should be covered.

I wanted DH to call since he's the one that talked to them, but he's weird about calling my doc's office lol. So I called and left a message. I blanked out. Seriously, I was talking without knowing what I was saying. I hung up the phone and just hoped that what I did say was correct lol.
Anywho.... got a call about 30mins ago from the RE's office. The nurse called in the PA request, and got everything straightened out and we're not covered up until September! WOOOOOOOO
PA requests have to be done every 6 months... which is why it's just until September but still... WOOOO!
Hoping we'll be pregnant with a sticky bean by then so we won't need to do another PA thing lol.

Oh man just awesome awesome news. I was excited to start again in April but I knew if we had to pay OOP the full price for the meds, we weren't going to be able to try as often as before. I'm even more excited to start trying again.

Alrighty, so I think I'm going to call the RE's office on the 14th and ask for provera then. I'll be cd30 by then. Get a 10 day dose.. last pill will be on the 24th, and then I should get AF on the 27th or 28th. Just in time for the new month. I'll talk that over with DH and see if he's ok with it or if he wanted to wait just a little longer for whatever reason.
And unlike last times... I'm going to continue with eating right and exercising while doing the injections. I tended to get REALLY lazy during my injection cycles before. I'll probably stop after taking the trigger, or doing something else, like walking on the treadmill or something. But getting lazy again, That's not going to happen again.

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LisaB said...

Yayyy! I'm glad to hear good news! Woot!