Friday, March 18, 2011

Are you F-ing SERIOUS?????

First off, the boring stuff.
The buffet was ok. Not a very good place for paleo, but at least their steamed broccoli and cauliflour weren't drowned in butter.
And they did have steak so WHEW.

Now on to the flipping AWESOME *sarcasm alert* way the universe is just rubbing all of my hurt and bad luck in my face.
DH's mother informs us that SiL is due Oct 17th. Guess when I would've been due??
DH's birthday is on the 15th, so I had to sit there and just hear all of the jokes about how she'll try not to have the baby on his birthday and blahblah-frickin-blah.
Also this dinner was a surprise party for DH's grandfather. His girlfriend set it up and ALL of her kids, grandchildren and great grandchildren were there. Well not all of them, my bad, they were missing about 15 more great grandchildren. Yeah, her family are full of a bunch of FERTILES.
Don't get me wrong, they are nice people, but still.....
Oh it gets SO much better.
One of them had a 20mo son, and she was pregnant. Guess when she was due. Sept 8th. You know what day that is? It's when my first m/c started.

REALLY????? Am I the butt of some gawd damn joke here or something??? Do I REALLY need more reminders of how my body has failed me??

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Amy said...

I feel your pain, I just found out an old friend is pregant and due in October, that is when I would of been due, but I think had a chemical pregnancy. I freaked out, I feel ashamed but I had jealousy. She even had to say it happend on the first try. lol, yeah, great huh. Not things non-fertile people want to hear. I also went to the Dr. and she thinks I have endometriosis. Great, what else can go wrong!!!!

Hang in there, I know where you are coming from and feel your pain.