Thursday, March 3, 2011


DH is being an ass. I told him what the plan is for the provera and all that. He got upset b/c he wants to wait until April before we start up again. I told him it would be April when AF came. He thinks I'm going to stop exercising again as I usually did before. I mean I have before so why not again. I tried to explain to him that I wouldn't stop and had no intentions of stopping, but of course he doesn't believe me. Awesome DH... awesome.... way to have some confidence in me b/c doubting me is such a fantastic way of motivating me to keep going and doesn't make me want to stop just to spite your ass or anything.
I know that's a childish response (that I'm not going to act on), but that's just how I felt.

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Annabelle said...

My DF acts like this too and you know what it gives me all the motivation to stick it to him and shut him up! Don't you give up, you want your body in perfect shape for pregnancy to happen right? Don't give up, you CAN do it!!!!! :D